By Hee Welling

The About series is HAY’s most versatile furniture series. It began with a chair and blossomed into a series with virtually unlimited potential. With the About series, Hee Welling has proven that a single strong idea can hold a wealth of development options. Today, the series includes dining and conference chairs, office chairs, bar stools, lounge chairs, tables, a foot stool and, as the latest addition, a sofa, and it is equally perfect for private and public settings.The About series is a true pragmatist, able to blend in or stand out, depending on the task it is assigned. Dramatize the silhouette with heavier upholstery, or opt for more subtle materials and colours. The many colour, upholstery and frame options are a particularly strong feature that allows you to tweak the design without compromising the basic concept.
The swivel base version of About a Lounge Chair has the same compact body, but the light metal frame gives the chair a more contemporary expression, as if the rounded, curvy and warm is energised when it is combined with the cold, industrial frame. The high-backed version of About a Lounge Chair has a more formal expression, although the visual point of gravity appears to have shifted slightly. The body of the chair dominates the design without seeming out of proportion – in fact, the effect is rather the opposite: It makes About a Lounge Chair seem more welcoming. The high-backed shell has a lighter feel, which is emphasised by the low swivel base.
The high and low-backed versions of About a Lounge Chair have a swivel base and offer the same great seating comfort, strong signature expression and perfectly balanced proportions. Both versions of About a Lounge Chair are perfect for the contract market, but as a typology, they fit right into most private homes. About a Lounge Chair has a sculptural appearance, and the stitching on the back adds a subtle or striking effect, depending on your choice of upholstery.

Country of OriginDK


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Fabric, Metal


Education, Hotel, Hospitality, Office, Public, Retail, Residential

lead time

7-9 weeks

Color Option

Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Orange, Dark Red, Dark Yellow, White, Yellow






W840mm x D820mm x H1010mm x SH360mm

Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark Orange
Dark Red
Dark Yellow
Production Time

4 weeks

Shipping Time

by sea: 5 weeks by air: 1 week